About Gandhar Oil Refinery Corporate Profile

Gandhar Oil Refinery (India) Limited is a well-known name and an established player in Specialty Oils and Lubricants industry. Our range of speciality oils and lubricants include liquid paraffin, industrial oil and greases, transformer oils, automotive lubricants, petroleum jelly and rubber processing oils which we sell under our flagship brand “Divyol”.

Gandhar Oil Refinery

Established in 1992 by visionary Ramesh B. Parekh as a manufacturing and marketing of Specialty Oils & Lubricants company, today, Gandhar Oil also has a Coal Division which importsnon-coking coal from Indonesia and South Africa for supply to various domestic industries including power, steel, paper, cement etc. Gandhar Oil is also acting as a consignment stockist and Del-Credere agent for Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) for sale of various polymer products.

For our speciality oils and lubricants products, we import raw materials i.e. base oil primarily from South Korea and Middle East, additives are procured locally from select multi-national corporations and waxes are procured locally and also imported from China and Thailand. We manufacture speciality oils and lubricants products using compositions, including those developed by our in-house research and development team. Our domestic and international customers are spread across multiple industries, including pharmaceutical, FMCG, chemicals, steel, rubber and tyre, automotive and power.








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