Industrial solvent Manufacturers

Gandhar manufactures DISOL range of Dearomatized solvent based on paraffinic hydrocarbons. These solvents are transparent, odourless with very good solvency. Disol solvents have applications in coatings and varnishes, for the production of adhesives, aerosols, Cleansing agents, detergents, for removing fats, cleaning metal articles & deep water explorations.

solvent kept in canonical flask
solvent kept in flask
pouring in solvent in flask


Solvent is a substance (usually a liquid) that can be used to dissolve or dilute other materials without chemically changing them. They are used in construction, footwear, rubber, textile, printing, pharmaceutical industries among others. Solvents are classified into two major types- organic and inorganic. Inorganic solvents are solvents that do not contain carbon and organic solvents contain carbon. Water is considered as an inorganic solvent. Organic solvents are further classified into three types: Hydrocarbon solvents which are aromatic and aliphatic, Halogenated solvents which include chlorinated and brominated hydrocarbons and Oxygenated solvents which include alcohols, glycols, etc.

Solvent is a substance (usually a liquid) that can be used to dissolve or dilute other materials without chemically changing them. Solvents are used extensively in many industries. For e.g., solvents are used as carriers for paints, varnishes, surface coatings in the construction industry. Similarly, they are also used in cleaning materials, adhesives, inks and ink removers, pesticides, toiletries, etc. Apart from this, solvents are also used in footwear industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber and plastic industry, textile industry, printing industry, food industry, dry cleaning industry, etc.

Industrial Solvents, depending upon the frequency of exposure, type and amount, can cause certain risks to the health. Therefore, it is always best to take certain precautions while using any type of solvent. Industrial solvent suppliers and manufacturers suggest that while dealing with solvents, the following precautions must be taken: Solvents must be stored in properly labelled, strong and sealed containers and must not be kept open for very long, especially if the area of use is not well ventilated. Protective clothing must be worn and a respirator must be used while dealing with solvents. Evacuation routes must be planned in case there is a fire or solvent spill.

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