Mineral Oil

DIVYOL WOP Oils are severely refined hydro-cracked / hydro-treated oils with highest degree of purity and are stabilized with suitable additives for oxidation / UV stability. These oils are suitable for pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food industries, for direct & indirect food contact. The below oils are also recommended for Polystyrene, Thermoplastic industry.

Quality / Approvals : DIVYOL WOP Oils are fully conforming to the requirements of us FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (a) for use as a components of non-food articles intended for use in contact with food for human consumption.

DIVYOL WOP Oils surpass the current requirement of NF, Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP), U.S. Pharmacopoeia (BP), and European Pharmacopoeia (EP).

mineral oil containers
mineral oil container
mineral oil small bottle