Industrial lubricants & Oil Manufacturers

Gandhar’s lubricants for heavy industries are manufactured after a rigorous quality process and to ensure that your equipment is running at peak efficiency. From synthetic lubricants to high-performance greases, and compressor oils to cutting fluids, our industrial lubricants help you achieve more for your business.

Industrail Lubricant & Oil By Gandhar
Industrail Lubricant & Oil By Gandhar
Industrail Lubricant & Oil By Gandhar


As compared to conventional lubricants, Synthetic lubricants are fire resistant and are better at maintaining their viscosity and oxidative stability even at extreme temperatures.
Industrial lubricant manufacturers derive conventional lubricants from a limited source and produce them using methods which can have a negative impact on the environment. On the other hand, synthetic lubricants avoid the necessity of extracting crude oil and also last much longer than conventional lubricants. Another important point is that while using lubricants, certain percentage of it leaks into the surrounding and has the potential to contaminate the environment. Conventional lubricants can have negative repercussions on the environment if leaked. Synthetic ones come in biodegradable form and can be used without causing harm to the environment.

Lubricants are primarily used to prevent corrosion and to reduce friction between surfaces. Apart from being rust and corrosion inhibitors, they are also used as anti-wear, antioxidant, antifoaming, emulsifying and demulsifying agents. They have applications in soap, paint and pharmaceutical industries too.
Apart from this, industrial lubricant oils are also used as cutting fluids on working parts of machines in many industries to reduce the high friction and heat generated by the machine operations and to keep the machines and equipment running at their highest efficiency and reliability.

Industrial lubricants are used to prevent corrosion and can be classified into 4 major categories: Oil, Grease, Penetrating Lubricants and Dry Lubricants.
Oils which are commonly used as lubricants can be used when something is to be lubricated without the resistance inherent in using grease. Grease is oil mixed with thickeners. It is used when the lubrication is to stay on the surface for longer and when water and dust need to be sealed out. Penetrating lubricants are low viscous oils that are used to penetrate tiny cracks between surfaces to break up rust and lubricate. Dry lubricants are made using lubricating particles like graphite, silicone, etc.

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