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Gandhar Oil - Automotive Grease


Divyol MP3 is a premium quality lithium soap base grease and is recommended for variety of greasing applications in automotive, agriculture, construction and industrial application. It is recommended for lubrication of wheel bearing, chassis, nipple steering linkages, universal joints etc. The grease provides maximum protection by adhering well to the lubricated bearing surfaces sealing them from dirt and abrasive contaminants. Appearance: Smooth, buttery and Light yellowish

PERFORMANCE LEVEL : Meets NLGI 3, BIS 12203-99 and IS 7623-1993 (Industrial-Regular type grade 3)
PACK SIZES AVAILABLE : 100gm, 500gm,1kg,2kg,3kg,5kg, 18kg, 180kg


Divyol X-Red is a long life (*60000km) lithium Red colour gel grease formulated with a specially designed soap system, high viscosity index base oil and carefully balanced additives for lubrication under moderate to heavy loads and intermittent high temperatures. The soap in the grease helps in retaining its structure even under severe service condition and high loads, thereby extends component life through extension of re-lubrication interval. Recommended for automotive wheel bearing application particularly in Trucks, Transport vehicles, Tractors, earth moving equipment etc…
*under standard test conditions

Appearance: Smooth, Red, Gel Type
PACK SIZES AVAILABLE : 500gm, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 180kg

Gandhar Oil - Automotive Grease
Gandhar Oil - Automotive Grease


Divyol Xl-Red is an Ultra -long life(*75000km), excellent shear stability, good surface adhesion and antiwear characteristic grease specially formulated from refined, high viscosity index base oils and lithium complex thickener. This grease is fortified with unique additives for long life performance, rust and oxidation inhibitors specially developed for bearing operating under severe heavy shock loads. Also the grease is having high thermal stability which enables to withstand high temperature that are generated in the bearing during severe braking action with Disc brakes.
Recommended for all automotive application including cars, trucks, buses, constructions and mining equipment working under severe conditions.
*under standard test conditions.

Appearance: Smooth, tacky, Gel Type NLGI GRADE : 2/3
PACK SIZES AVAILABLE : 1kg, 5kg, 7kg,180kg