What are engine oil contaminants? Contaminants! These are those forces of evil that can turn a perfectly untarnished engine into a piece of junk. These include air, water, fuel, soot deposits, metal debris etc., that wreak havoc on the engine. Engine oil is added to the engine to lubricate it and minimise the effect of these contaminants. The engine oil absorbs these contaminants and prevents them from reaching the engine.  Let us understand more about
How to protect and maintain your car during winters? Given its vast expanse, India has multiple climatic conditions; the different territories of the country experience varying climates as per their locations, varied topography, and other physiographic factors. As the winter season approaches, the north part of the country will see a chilling cold and a temperature below zero degrees. Such harsh winter and its chilly winds are sure to beat the living daylights out of
Is the festive season the best time to buy a car? The last four months of the year, i.e., September to December, are the most exciting as several important festivals fall under this period. The season starts with Ganesh Chaturthi in September and ends on new year’s eve. Navratri, Dussehra and Deepavali, some of the major festivals celebrated with great joy and fervour across India, also fall in this period. Therefore, this season is rightly
How to choose the engine oil filters and how do they work? When it comes to engine oil management, the role and significance of an oil filter are often understated and overlooked. Some vehicle owners tend to change the oil regularly as per recommended oil intervals but neglect the cleaning and replacement of the oil filter; others believe that a good quality oil will balance out the shortcoming of a low-quality oil filter.  Both of

September 21, 2021

What are Engine Oil Additives?

What are Engine Oil Additives? Whenever there is a mention of automotive lubricants, we come across the word ‘additives’. Even the oil manufacturers merit their oils by using terms like ” most advanced additives”, “high-quality additives”, “extreme wear additives”, “best motor oil additives”, etc. So what are these additives? Let’s find out.  Engine oil additives are chemical compounds that improve the lubricant performance of base oil – also known as the base stock. Nearly all