Month: February 2021


How to select the right Industrial Lubricant?

Industrial machinery is most often very high maintenance equipment. Today, increased machine performance and industrial efficiency are essential for better outcomes and better production. If you’re a manufacturer wanting to make strides in increasing machine performance, industrial productivity and factory turnover, it’s advised to find a way to make production efficient. One key factor affecting the above, is the optimal usage of industrial lubricants. Lubrication of machinery and factory equipment is frequently overlooked. Most of […]


Post-union budget: things to know & impact on automobile industry

With the Union Budget for 2021-2022 announced to the public, there have been significant changes to the nation’s financial landscape. With a heavy emphasis on strengthening the sectors that strengthen India’s economy, plenty of reforms have been proposed in diverse sectors of the nation’s financial environment, while making the entire approach to the budget inclusive to the public.  This year, the primary focus of the Union Budget is on health and human well being, resource […]


All You Need to Know About Car Lubricants

Automotive lubricants are remarkable fluidic materials that essentially serve as nourishment for your vehicle; it is what keeps the inside of your car shiny and healthy. They drive up the efficiency and performance of your automobile and extend the longevity of its components.  Although different parts of your car require different types of lubricants on the basis of application, good car lubricants are engineered to primarily minimise wear and damage due to thermal generation and […]