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Gandhar Oil Refinery (India) Limited is a well-known name and an established player in Specialty Oils and Lubricants industry. Our range of speciality oils and lubricants include liquid paraffin, industrial oil and greases, transformer oils, automotive lubricants, petroleum jelly and rubber processing oils which we sell under our flagship brand “Divyol”.

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Gandhar Oil Refinery Ltd.

Transformer Oils

A wide range of high grade DIVYOL Transformer Oils are available which meet International quality standards. Manufactured from carefully selected New Generation Right Base Oil Emphasizing Product Purity.

Transformer Oils
White Oil (Industrial)

Liquid Paraffins / White oils

DIVYOL WOT Oils are severely refined hydro-cracked / hydro-treated oils with highest degree of purity and are stabilized with suitable additives for oxidation/UV stability. These oils are suitable for Cosmetic and Industrial applications. The below oils are also recommended for Polystyrene, Thermoplastic industry.

Industrial Lubricants

DIVYOL range of industrial oils and greases are designed to meet the specific requirements of various industries and operations be it general engineering, automotive, steel, textile, cement or sugar. Divyol products are made to international quality and are approved by REXROTH, ELECON (Gear Box)...

Motorbike Engine Oils
Bike Oil By Gandhar

Automotive Oils

Made from highly refined, high viscosity index base oils to provide excellent performance at heavy loads. Heavy duty engine oil additive package provides reduced wear, longer life and maintains cleaner engine. Recommended for use in HCV, LCV, Tractors, and also as Diesel PCMO.

Rubber Process Oils

Gandhar manufactures a wide range of standard as well as customised Rubber Process Oils to cater to manufacturers of NR, SBR, PBR, Butyl and EPDM based rubber Products. RPO is normally classified in three basic types depending upon the presence of Carbon atom, namely Aromatic, Paraffinic & Naphthenic Oil

Rubber Process Oils
Industrial Solvants Manufacturer


GANDHAR manufactures DISOL range of Dearomatized solvent based on paraffinic hydrocarbons. These solvents are transparent, odourless with very good solvency. DISOL solvents have applications in coatings and varnishes, for the production of adhesives, aerosols, Cleansing agents, detergents...


DIVYOL Emulsifying Waxes waxes are carefully blended with selected fatty alcohols, surfactants and ethoxylates under controlled conditions. These are well known products for Ointments, Solutions and Cream manufacture.

Industrial Wax Manufacturer
Industrial Coal


The Coal Division of the Company has made a remarkable growth in industrial fuels and steam coal with an impressive sale of more than 3 Million MT during 2013-14. The Company imports steam coal of different gross calorifi c value from its associates in Indonesia and South Africa for the Indian market.

Latest News

October, 2018

Gandhar Oil wins CHEMEXCIL First Award for Export Performance

October, 2018

Gandhar Oil wins FIEO Export Niryaat Shri Award

October, 2018

Gandhar Oil participating in Beautyworld Middle East Exhibition (26-28 may 2015 in Dubai)


Working at Gandhar is an opportunity to change the world. We are a proud product of its people commitment and dedication. We believe that our people are our competitive edge. Gandhar commits itself to its employees by providing outstanding developmental opportunities that align with their personal aspirations.