best automobile engine Oil


"An engine is the most important component of any vehicle. In order to have a quality driving experience, a well-maintained engine is a must.
An Engine is a set of metal components that burn the fuel and convert it into mechanical force. Since these components are made of metal, constant friction between them leads to their damage. This is where automotive oil helps. Its primary function is to minimize the friction and hence minimize the wear and tear of the components of the engine. "

Synthetic oil is mineral oil which goes through an extensive treatment and is made significantly superior to mineral oil. There are two types of synthetic oils based on their performance and quality, namely Semi-synthetic oil and Fully-synthetic oil. Semi Synthetic oil is a blend of mineral oil and synthetic oil. Automotive oil manufacturers add Synthetic oil to mineral oil to enhance viscosity and wear resistance and to boost its properties without affecting the cost much. Fully synthetic oil has high viscosity and high temperature resistance and offers the highest level of protection to the engine components.

Gandhar Divyol Automotive Oils

Our premium automotive oil and lubricants have been designed to improve performance in all conditions and provide cleaner operation, better mileage and decreased oil change frequency. With options available, Divyol is the most obvious choice to maximize performance for Cars, Motor Bikes, Light Commercial Vehicles, Scooters, Trucks & Buses, Construction Handling Equipment’s.